An essential oil diffuser bracelet is a stylish, portable way to benefit from aromatherapy throughout your day. You’ve probably seen them for sale on Etsy and at wellness shops, but they’re a cinch to make yourself too (not to mention, a lot cheaper!)–and they make a great DIY gift .






Essential oils are associated with mood and health enhancing properties. The scents are said to help invigorate, relax or uplift, as well as being used to treat minor ailments like headaches.






You won’t need many supplies to make your DIY diffuser bracelet: just some air dry clay, a wooden skewer, Stretch Magic (or other jewelry making stretch cord), and beads of your choice. You can use semi-precious gemstone beads for your bracelet, your birth stone, whatever you like. Another option would be a gemstone associated with healing properties, to complement the healing nature of essential oils.





How to Make a DIY Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet


Pinch of some of the air dry clay and roll it until it is ball-shaped and a similar size to your beads. Repeat this process until you have as many clay beads as you would like for your bracelet–these clay beads will absorb and diffuse your essential oils. You may like to emboss the beads or create an extra pattern by using additional clay.





Gently make a hole in the center of the clay balls using your wooden skewer. Set aside the clay beads to dry. This should take approximately 24 hours.






Cut a length of the Stretch Magic that is about twice the circumference of your wrist. This will allow you to have enough of the stretchy cord to string the beads without difficulties and also to be able to tie the knots to fasten the DIY diffuser bracelet.






Add your gemstone and clay beads onto the cord.











When you have enough beads to cover the circumference of your wrist, you can use a surgeon’s knot to tie the two ends of the stretch cord together. Cross over the two ends and then wrap the right hand piece of cord over two times. Pull the ends tight so that the beads are together. Keep this first knot tight and then repeat the process to finish off the knot, making sure to keep the knot tight. Trim the loose ends. You may like to add a little bit of glue for extra security.




An alternative way to finish off the bracelet is to use a jewelry crimp. Insert one end of the stretch cord through the crimp bead. Next, thread the other end of the stretch cord the opposite way through the crimp bead. Pull the ends until the beads are joining together. Keeping the cord tight, squeeze the crimp bead with a pair of pliers. Trim the ends a little and then allow the beads to cover the crimp bead join.




You can wear the bracelet as it is, or you can add your favorite essential oil blend to the clay beads. Add a few drops to the outside of the clay bead–many essential oils shouldn’t be applied directly to the skin undiluted, so apply to the part of the bead that is away from your skin. When the scent wears off you can reapply the essential oil or choose a new blend to try. I think this DIY diffuser bracelet would be great for outside parties in warmer weather–you could apply essential oil blends that act as bug repellents!


Source : Hello Glow



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