Did you just literally ate too much? Make yourself a drink that will make you feel good and not quilty


To regain your body, you need to get rid of excessive fat, sugar and other harmful ingredients you have overcharged. This lemonade is perfect way to do it.

You will need : 

  1.    Lemon juice made from one lemon
  2.    One tea spoon of honey
  3.    Pinch of ground ginger
  4.    Pinch of ground cloves
  5.    One large cup of hot water
  6.    And slice a lemon for a decoration (optional)


Mix lemon juice, honey, pepper, ginger and clove in a cup. Pour hot water in it. Stir and let it rest a little. Garnish with a slice of lemon, if desired, and if you want to you can add an ice cube to cool a drink.

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