DIY: Homemade Rose Water

  • What You Need

Fresh roses

A large pot

Distilled water

Optional : A heat-safe bowl

  • this is only necessary if you want to make pure rose water 


  • How to Make Homemade Rose Water


There are a couple of ways to make rose water. There’s the old fashioned way, which I did, or there’s a slightly more complicated process. For that process you will also need a heat-safe bowl.






  • Pluck the petals from the roses – you won’t need the bulb or stems. The fresher your roses are, the better your results will be. If you can cut your own roses, that would be your best bet. If you must buy them from a store (like I did) rinse the petals in some cool water to get rid of any potential chemicals.






  • Place the rose petals in a large pot and fill with just enough distilled water to cover the rose petals. Too much water will dilute the rose water.





  • Cover with a lid and let simmer until the petals lose their color. For pure rose water, place the heat safe bowl on top of the petals, and cover the pot with a lid. As the petals simmer, steam will collect on the lid of the pot and drip into the bowl, which is pure rose water. The old fashioned method that I use is still effective but the rose water just might not be as pure.






  • Once the petals lose their color, drain the liquid into a jar – this is your rose water!






For more information about rose water and its benefits, read THIS post

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